Campaign 1

Udhiyah 2016

  Humanity Without Borders started the campain of Udhiyah for 2016 , Humanity Without Borders distributes donated Udhiyah meat through its global network and partners covering Egypt , Lebanon

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Campaign 1

Orphans Sponsorship

Orphan sponsorship not only saves lives by helping to prevent hunger and malnutrition, but has also been found to improve the quality of a child’s life well into adulthood.

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Campaign 1

Syrian Refugees

We help support Syrian in several different refugee camps and provide them with relief items which include (food – clothing – blankets- heaters – freezers – hygiene kits…) we

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Campaign 2

Agriculture Tools

We provide tools to plow the land including machinery, seeds, and fertilizer. This is a great advantage for poor families that have land and can use agriculture as a

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Campaign 2

Charity Bread

Bread is a staple and served with every meal. Bread helps stave off hunger for many families living in poverty. This project aims to provide fresh bread every day

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Campaign 2

Medical Glasses

An examination of eyes and provide medical glasses for 10 people from the elderly and needy children who suffering from visual impairment. Price : $30 Area : Egypt  

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Campaign 2


The needy handicapped in developing countries act as a burden on their families because they are did not leads their life naturally. We try to find a suitable solution

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Social Program 1


Open to the poultry shop providing chicks, feed and medical supplies for 40 days and then offered for sale to shops and restaurants. Price: $2500 Area: Senegal – Egypt

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Social Program 1

New clothes

Providing a new clothes for needy children living in poverty areas. Clothes needs to be distributed for school in winter and summer season as well as religious holidays. Price:

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Social Program 1

Homes maintenance

Specially in the winter, some homes need roofs, re-build a wall or stairs also may others need furnisher or painting.. etc We select the neediest families according to the

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Social Program 1

Home Appliances

Provide necessary home appliances for poor families as refrigerators, stove, washer..etc. We select the neediest families based on the social research studies.   Price: 1000 $ Areas: Egypt –

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charity projects 4

Provide Medicines

Help with the purchase of medicine for those suffering from chronic illness. This project aims to cover up to 500 cases per month. Price: 500 $ Area: Egypt  

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charity projects 4

Students Sponsorship

In the poor societies, there is a child labor phenomenon, this phenomenon due to family poverty which can’t afford the tuition fees. Based on our social research studies prepared

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